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    Winter walking hip hopping Tootsie roll eating twinkle starring Nintendo playing anti-princess never cocaine sniffing buying Toms uprooting bombs building houses with pet spouses and we all own something from Apple. Read us.


Mersiha Gadzo, Jessica Moy, Patrice America , Christina Cheng and Kayla Kreutzberg at the launch of Eject (absent: Maryam Shah)

Defining Toronto interior design

By: Jessica Moy Known to be a contemporary Canadian design store filled with handmade furniture, unique lighting fixtures, and one of a kind home accessories – MADE Design blends into the Queen Street West vibe through its quirky, artsy, and modern environment. When I opened the heavy glass doors of MADE, there was a welcoming … Continue reading

Secrets of an illusionist

As 14-year-old Alexis Mayorca pulled out his ten-dollar bill from his wallet, a crowd encircled around him. All of the students watched attentively, eager to witness another incredible magic trick.


Official EJECT MAGAZINE! PDF files.

VIDEO: Araabmuzik live at The Hoxton- Toronto

By: Christina Cheng VIDEO: Araabmuzik live at The Hoxton- Toronto November 3, 2011 Araabmuzik The Hoxton Toronto, On. Canada

VIDEO: Araabmuzik live at The Hoxton- Toronto

By: Christina Cheng VIDEO: Araabmuzik live at The Hoxton- Toronto November 3, 2011 Araabmuzik The Hoxton Toronto, On. Canada

Antiques: a labour of love

  Walking into Steve’s secondhand and antique store is like walking into Ollivander’s Wand Shop in Diagon Alley. Sure, you feel like Harry Potter as you stumble into this massive pile of clutter and wood and old radios and things that can only be called contraptions with forgotten functions. Matter of Time is Steve’s baby, … Continue reading

Writing pretty prose on Toronto’s Streets

By Mersiha Gadzo Chik chika chik chik. DING! Ziiiiiiiiiiip. Chik, chik, chika, chik. It’s a nice nostalgic feeling hearing the sound of a good old, obsolete object being brought to life in today’s digital age. The sound is 23-year old Kaile Glick typing away at her 1950s Smith Corona typewriter outside on a street in … Continue reading

Graffiti of Expression: Taking a stand on art

By: Christina Cheng

“What was first conceived for Street Art Showcase was to really find a medium to break the misconceptions and stereotypes that people had of these graffiti artists as thugs and criminals… It was about bringing these guys to the forefront, allowing politicians to understand who they are, what they are, what they are about to the public and vise versa.”

Marriage doesn’t have to be a dirty word

  Some do it for love; others do it for their mum and dad, and yet others do it for money. Some simply give in and do it for the tax benefits. Then again, some don’t do it at all. Marriage. It’s a loaded word. Put “second,” “broken,” or “gay” in front of it and … Continue reading